About us

Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional, established by professors in 1965, in São Paulo, is a Brazilian post-secundary player with strong presence in a high-growth segment, being one of the most diversified and efficient players in Brazil, with extensive market knowledge, strategically located facilities, strong brands and experienced management team.

The group is composed of eight companies, being two of basic education, one of technical education, and five of higher education, acting with a different strategy for each of its trademark: Colégio Cruzeiro do Sul, Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul and Universidade Cidade de São Paulo, in São Paulo; Centro Universitário Módulo, in Caraguatatuba; Centro Universitário do Distrito Federal, in Brasília; Universidade de Franca, Colégio Alto Padrão and Colégio CTEC, in Franca.

At present, the group has approximately 160,000 students and 5.000 professors and employees. It also presents the best indicators of academic performance according to Ministries of the Education, Science and Technology, among private institutions.


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